Monday, October 5, 2009

White Backing

I love this quilt I'm putting up on the rack. I just HATE white backings. I had to scrub and vacuum my room before i could even open the bag with the quilt in it. And now i begin to pray no wild threads make their way in the quilt. We don't want varicose threads. This is a very large quilt. It took me over a hour to press the backing. And of course making sure it doesn't touch the floor.


  1. I had to laugh!-I feel the same way about white backings. Sometimes if I don't want to vacuum I will spread a clean sheet on the floor while I load it and until it's off the floor.

  2. OMG ...were you in my sewing room yesterday?? that is what i tryed first but my sheet was to small to cover the floor under my machine so then i tryed one of my own quilts that was to small to. I need to buy a bigger sheet.

  3. Hey Nat -- cut a 15' piece of muslin -- serge the edges... done!