Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two Quilts Up and Rolling!

This is Gloria Hobbs quilt. I'm quilting it with cute flowers. She did a wonderful job on putting this quilt together!
The pattern Gloria did was a Thimbleberries pattern and fabric.

This is Barb Kludt's quilt. I was having a hard time finding a pattern to quilt on here. My thoughts were the fabric is very busy and i don't want the quilting to add to the busyness. So i ended up with a simple pattern with blue thread.

I'm off to work at the Jam Patch. I hope to see you there!

Monday, March 30, 2009

What's The Big Idea?

No I don't have a spoted car!

Well i guess i do now.

I think the birds were aiming for my cats. This is where they nap.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thursday and Friday Quilts

This is Silvia Bongos quilt. I'm having fun putting large butterflies in the center. It took a long time to decide on what to put in the center. This pattern was just calling for it.

This quit is Sue Cook's log cabin very nice job!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kristy Came To Play

Yesterday….. what a day….. I helped out in the piecelique class at the Jam Patch. Kathy Rentz the teacher did a fantastic job. I think everyone had a blast!
I then went to the Thimblebuddies quilt guild meeting. where the new board took off .... good luck girls!! I know you will do great. I look forward to helping with the challange project and maybe a Round Robin.

Today I’m here quilting with Kristy Jenney she is renting the two Gammill quilting machines. She has a stunning braid quilt. It is in tropical colors. She is quilting palm trees in the outer border and hibiscus inside. I’m in love with this quilt….. I’m sure she is too.

Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23 Monday

Here are today's quilts. This is a apple core pattern done is flannel. BRAVE! Looks great! Loops on inside lines in border. Hard to see quilting. This is another from Mary McCusker....

This is a dogwood flower. Peggy Kern's quilting. I will post more pictures later on this one.

Nation Quilting Day!!

I had a blast! I started my day with a good sew in with the Martin County Quilters... We were making charity blocks. What fun .... I donated 14 block .. i cant wait to see the quilt that is made with all our blocks

I left the sew in hoping to make it to the raffle project at martin county high but it was raining so i didn't make it there..

Then that night i went to my friend Kathy's and put together a photo quilt top and she machine quilted a very special quilt.... Kristy was there sewing too.

My DH came by for a few good laughs and dinner.
Before the night was done i started a new project with my scraps.

One Block Wonder ...Santa never looked so good

This is a wonderful one block wonder by Mary McClusker
I worked on this this weekend.

It was National Quilting Day this past Saturday
What did you DO?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mary McCusker's Quilts

This Table running was nice i did peacock feathers inside
and a peacock feather running around the boarder

OH where is the time going.... I have been working on a WEB SITE!!!..I have been doing these quilts today ... I love working under the black light.. This is Mary McCusker quilt. I did a wiggle in the border and meander in the white and a looped design in block .. Very nice Fairy Frost fabric line... I had fun.
Enjoy Natalie

Friday, March 13, 2009

Up And Running!

This is my first attempted at doing a blog.... This is scary for me because my spelling (oh yes i see the spell checker ... thank YOU) is really bad ..... oh and my grammar and punctuations aren't the best... I'm very much dyslexic. I hope you will bare with me... I quilt way better then i write....

I have been quilting for 14 yrs and longarm quilting for 7 yrs..I have around 40 finished quilts. And two bins full of tops...and i wont go into how many works in progresses i have going on.... i always have around 15 customers quilt tops in line waiting for me to quilt them.. I have longarm quilted over 600 quilts. I wish i had pictures of them all!!

I plan on using this blog to help me keep track of the quilts i make and my customers quilts... I would like to post pictures and notes.. I'm sure my posts will be short... like now i need to go put up another quilt.... later i will put up the list..

Happy Quilting


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