Monday, September 17, 2012

Gammill for sale

I have a 2007, Gammill Classic with Statler Stitcher, 12 foot table with stock designs and over 2,500 paid for pattern, light bar, hydraulic lift, caster wheels, zipper leaders and a extra set of unopened zipper leaders, 10 cones of thread, over 100 bobbins, extra set of white glide wheels, extended plate and a few templates, and an auto sketch program for digitizing. firm 21k.. i paid 35k 772-260-1426

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  1. I saw your quilt, I Have Many Faces at Road to California this week. I am teaching an art quilt class for Santa Barbara City College Continuing Education and would like to include your quilt in a slide show to show my students. I would not duplicate the image or distribute it in any way. The presentation is to inspire students to do their own original work. I emphasize the importance of asking permission to use another artist's work for inspiration, so I am asking. Your work is outstanding. Please reply via email at
    Ranell Hansen