Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To much fabric!!

I work with what I get.. It will lay flat.. All in all a very nice


  1. Wow! You do amazing things to make your quilts look great! Keep sharing! I need to learn how to fix things.

  2. Don't you hate that! Always measure all four sides. I usually start with the worst (largest) side at the top and suck it up early. If you start with the smallest side it's too hard to correct the difference at the end! Still, unless it's a show quilt it really doesn't matter -- it will lay on the bed flat. Happy fabric!!!

  3. Ugh I hate that! I have the opposite opinion as Karen. For whatever reason, I find it easier to save the crappy part for the bottom. Usually it's just a wavy border and I can try to ease it in little-by-little all the way down. I have had to completely turn away ONE quilt and recently had someone take theirs home to fix it but usually I just either fix it myself or do a lot of easing. Wouldn't it be nice if we only quilted our OWN quilts?!