Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back In Town

Well back to work today. I did work at The Jam Patch yesterday. I love looking at all the NEW Fabrics..

I was only gone for a few days to my cousins wedding in CT. That was fun and the Heart Quilt went over REALY well. And do you want to know how blond I am ..... I forgot the Micron archival pen in my suit case.... So at the wedding i was running around looking for a good pen.... I was in very big heels and my feet were killing me(my body wasn't ment for heels). So i told the wedding planner and she said she would put a pen next to the quilt... Then the bride and groom came in and started the first dance. After watching i went to the quilt and seen everyone was signing with a blue large sharpie...My eyes popped out of my head.. and then i thought oh well... I had already signed with the micron pen... Later that night my Grandma with Alzheimer's signed the quilt to me and not my cousin...LOL... I got a kick out of that.. Well now I'm back and ready to quilt quilt and more quilting!!

1 comment:

  1. Too funny... at least the sharpie will last forever (no worries about washout)!!